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LOST Gifts & Merchandise

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Find unique ABC's Lost gifts for the biggest fans! Shop for tees and mugs featuring your favorite characters like Hurley Reyes, John Locke, and Claire Littleton.

Dharma Swan T-Shirt CAD $29.50CAD $37
Men's Basic T
Lost Numbers Small Mugs CAD $15CAD $21
Vinyl Sticker
Lost Stuff 2 Small Mugs CAD $15CAD $21
Eroded LOST Numbers T-Shirt CAD $29.50CAD $37
Men's Basic T
Vinyl Sticker
penny Tote Bag CAD $22CAD $29.50
4 8 15 16 23 42 Lost T-Shirt CAD $29.50CAD $37
Men's Basic T
LOST Lovers T-Shirt CAD $29.50CAD $37
Men's Basic T
LOST Memories Small Mugs CAD $15CAD $21
Memories From LOST T-Shirt CAD $29.50CAD $37
Men's Basic T
Lost Stuff Tee CAD $29.50CAD $37
Women's Basic T-shirt
Men's Basic T-Shirt
1oz Shot Glass
Oceanic Airlines Tote Bag CAD $22CAD $29.50
Team Charlie Shirt CAD $22CAD $29.50
Men's Basic T-Shirt
Men's Basic T-Shirt
Dharma Initiative Onesie CAD $22CAD $29.50
Baby Bodysuit
Oceanic Airlines Shirt CAD $22CAD $29.50
Men's Basic T-Shirt
15oz Mug
Vinyl Sticker
lost smoke T-Shirt CAD $29.50
Men's Basic T-Shirt
16oz Drinking Glass
Dharma Initiative Hat CAD $20.50CAD $28
Oceanic Airlines T-Shirt CAD $29.50CAD $37
Men's Basic T
Get cool Lost t-shirts and clothing featuring themes from the popular ABC TV show. Find merchandise ranging from Lost tee shirts, hats and other apparel to Lost merchandise like Dharma mugs, Lost posters, gifts and DVDs of Lost episodes from ABC's TV series. Even ABC fans will enjoy all of the one-of-a-kind fan-designed gear and official ABC gear featuring Lost themes such as show quotes, plus cast, crew, and characters from Jack and Kate to Sawyer, Locke and Ben. Shop the Lost store for Dharma shirts, Geronimo Jackson shirts, plus popular Drive Shaft and Oceanic airlines shirts.