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Autism Acceptance Gifts Show your support for Autism Awareness all April long (and throughout the year!).

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Abraham Tabas, born and raised in San Francisco, began drawing at a very young age. He was fascinated with bold colors and sharp geometric lines from an early age. As an autistic adult, he explored what career he would be comfortable pursuing and decided to pursue art. He launched a website in 2010 selling his art in the form of greeting cards, prints and his art on clothing and other items. His collection can be found and ordered from Artabas.com.


Yukari Sakura grew up and resides in South San Francisco where she started creating artwork in middle and high school. Yukari has a wonderful imagination and creates her own characters and stories and illustrates them using pen and ink, acrylic and watercolors. Yukari's influences and inspiration come from Japanese anime. She hopes to someday help save endangered wildlife by using her artwork to draw attention to issues such as poaching and habitat destruction. Yukari started attending ArtReach in Daly City in 2011 as well as Creativity Explored in San Francisco.


Robert is a natural artist deeply inspired by nature and sea life. Most of his paintings are sweet and colorful representations of sea creatures such as star fish, jelly fish, squid, and even mermaids. Robert has been creating his dreamy paintings for several years now and says his favorite part of creating art work is that is relaxes him and makes him happy. He is a San Francisco native whose life by the sea has captured his imagination in striking and unexpected ways.

More Autism Awareness Gift Ideas

Autism Awareness Gifts

CafePress has hundreds of Autism Awareness products including Autism jewelry, shirts, gifts and more. Help raise the awareness level for autism to support Autism Awareness month. We have dozens of unique designs for autism bracelets, autism necklaces, stickers, journals. April is Autism Awareness month, and we have all kinds of autism awareness designs. Featuring bold to subtle designs to humorous or eye-catching themes, we have it all! Come browse our designs for advocating autism awareness and encouraging hope during autism awareness month. We have autism awareness ribbon stickers, wall decals, and even car magnets to apply to cars, walls, and stationery. Stand out while standing up for autism awareness with our Autism Speaks shirts and gifts, shop today!